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KwikPfyt Rock Guard brushes come in three heights. 18”, 20” & 22" inches.  Simply measure from the top of the INSIDE of the receiver hitch (see picture) on your vehicle to the ground.  Then choose either the 18”, 20” or the 22” brush system best for you.  Remember that the brush system will be raised a little over 3” over your receiver hitch.


For example, if the distance is 18” from the ground then go with an 18” brush.  Your brushes will still be approximately 3” from the ground which is good as your load will lower your hitch 1-2 inches.


If the distance is 24” you could go with the 20” or the 22” brushes depending on the weight of your load.


Give us a call at 763-755-8111 and we’ll be happy to help you choose the right brush system.

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