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Stainless steel panel

Installation Instructions



Important Instructions for Installing KWIKPFYT Rock Guard System.

We recommend using anti-seize on all screws and bolts at initial installation.

This will keep the set screws and bolts from seizing up and make it easy to replace parts if needed.


  1. Slide your ball mount (stinger) into the 2” hole in the KWIKPFYT’s bar with the (4) ¼” Allen head set screws facing what you are towing.  This is also the side with the KwikPfyt logo.

  2. Insert the ball mount (stinger) into the 2” receiver hitch on vehicle and insert pin, we recommend you purchase a stainless steel locking pin to avoid rust and theft of your rock guard system.

  3. Adjust the KWIKPFYT aluminum bar to the desired position and secure by tightening the two bolts on bottom of system with ¾” wrench.

  4. Loosen the two set screws facing the truck and slide one brush on per side and tighten set screws.  Keep all brushes flush with the outer edge of the 76” bar.  Please use an Allen Wrench. Do not trust a hand tightening.

  5. Loosen the four set screws facing the towed vehicle (boat or camper) and slide the brush along with a stainless steel panel (plastic wrap facing out) together on each side. You may have to remove some upper wrap when sliding the bar. The stainless steel panels can have sharp edges so please use gloves.

  6. Tighten set screws at the desired position and remove the rest of the plastic wrap.



Always hang your KWIKPFYT brushes horizontal to keep brushes straight or lay flat on smooth surface.

Most common Issues:


 1.  EXHAUST exits out rear or corner of vehicle.

      Possible Solutions ---- We have heat shields to protect your brushes from melting. Call          to order these before you use your KWIKPFYT Rock Guard system. or, you can change          the position of your exhaust by having a muffler shop turn your tail pipe to exit out the        side.

 2.  Ball mount (stinger) is too short for hole to line up for locking pin.

      Solution ---- Most Auto Shops/Farm Stores/Trailer Dealers/Marine and RV dealers can          assist with the right mount.

Please call with any questions.

*KWIKPFYT will not replace parts that are incorrectly removed and/or installed*


Please call 763-755-8111 or email with any questions

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