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Rear Exhaust

If you’ve got rear exhaust, we’ve got you covered.  KwikPfyts’ new heat shields will protect your brush system from burning up and keep your tow protected!

These stainless steel heat shields, which mount facing the truck also add an additional hard surface for even more protection. 2 Shields per set.

*It is the owners responsibility to periodically check that the screws are secured.  Screws can loosen on rough roads.  Consider Loctite Blue or similar product but make sure NOT to use a permanent product.*


Winter Protection

The KwikPfyt Rock Guard system can definitely work to protect your tow in the winter.  But we do have another option for you.

Our solid mat system is built for the mud, snow and slush that winter brings.  The aggressive AstroTurf like surface faces the truck or SUV, then collects all of the slush and snow and drops it on the road surface.  Your Ice House or snowmobile trailer will stay protected & significantly cleaner.

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