We recommend using anti-seize on all screws and bolts at initial installation. This will keep the set screws and bolts from seizing up and make it easier to replace parts if needed. 

          1.  Slide your ball mount (stinger) into the 2" hole in the KWIKPFYT bar. Ensure the (4) 1/2" Allen Head set screws are facing what you are towing.

          2.  Insert the ball mount (stinger) into the 2" receiver hitch on your vehicle and insert the hitch pin. We recommend you purchase a stainless steel locking pin to avoid rust and theft of your 

          3.  Adjust the KWIKPFYT aluminum bar to the desired position and secure by tightening the two bolts on the bottom of the system with a 3/4" wrench. 

          4.  Loosen the two set screws facing the vehicle and slide one brush (& one Heat Shield if applicable) on each side and tighten the set screws. 

          5.  Loosen the four set screws facing the towed vehicle and slide the brush along with a stainless steel panel (wrap facing out) together on each side. You maybe have to remove  some upper wrap when sliding into the bar. 

          6.  Tighten set screws to the desired position. 


Always hang your KWIKPFYT brushes so the brushes hang vertically or lay them flat on a smooth surface.

Most Common Issues:

          1.  EXHAUST exits out rear or corner of vehicle. 

               Solution-- This will need to be changed to exit side of vehicle to avoid melting any                             product you have behind exhaust or purchase the Solid Mat System and cut out where                     your exhaust would flow. 

          2.  Ball Mount ( stinger) is too short for hole to line up hinge pin. 

               Solution-- Most Auto Shops / Farm Stores / Marine & RV Dealers can assist with the                         right mount.  


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Instructions for Installing KWIKPFYT Mud Flap System